Did you miss the debate? Was Mental Health Mentioned?

debate-cnnI did not watch the debate last night, however,  I did read the recaps this morning.  It is sad that once again the debate revolved around the candidates attacking each other and there was little talk on the issues facing America.

Once again, Americans don’t have much to base their decisions on.  Mainly the only thing we have to go on is who is the best entertainer and who can win the “boxing match”.

I don’t know how any American can vote in the primaries not knowing much about how the candidates stand on most issues.

I have not voted yet. However, I plan  to vote on the person who is going to “Make America Great Again”  I am not using that quote because I support or don’t support Trump. I am using it because we do need to make America better for us and future generations.   I am registered independent and  am learning towards a candidate, however,  you don’t need to know who it is. 

I have made many efforts to contact the candidates via Twitter, Facebook, and by emailing them pleading with them to talk about the issues.

By not responding, I think it should disqualify them as a candidate and later cause impeachment. They would not be doing their jobs by  not listening to the “people by the people.”   In order to do their JOB,  they would need to (without bias)  listen to Congress who represent Americans. They also need to have staff members read everything that any American sends to them and respond to everything addressed to the president.

I read the article by the New York Times entitled “What you missed in the debate.”  Well, although I did not watch the debate, I would be willing to bet that they did not talk about mental illness or what they would do about the failing mental health system that affects EVERY AMERICAN.  I am not just talking about the mentally ill or their families. I am talking about all those who are affected by or have witnessed via the media the horrible crimes committed by someone who has a mental illness.

Many things America faces are important including national security and balancing the budget. However, something that I have yet to hear addressed in any large capacity is the failing mental health system and what they are going to do about it. (I do want to thank Kasich for talking about mental health on many occasions.)

Trump wants to send illegal immigrants back and secure the borders by building a wall.  I think he and the other candidates would be happy to send the mentally ill to their own island and prevent us from returning.  Addressing the problem with what we are going to do about the mentally ill is just as important as any other topic if not more so.

Are they ever going to talk about it and do things like Kate Middleton implemented?

If they don’t start listening to the mentally ill and the people who work with and love the mentally ill, the problem will just keep growing,  more tragedies will  keep occurring, more people with mental illness will be jailed and mistreated and the amount of homeless will increase. They not only need to talk about the problems with the mental health system, they need to prove that they care and what they are going to do about it.

I hope that the voices of the mentally ill are heard in my lifetime and things start changing.  However, at this rate, I am not sure if anything will be different for the children in future generations.  In fact, it is scary to think what America would be like if nothing is done RIGHT NOW to better the mental health system.

I will now get off my soap box. However, I hope that candidates will now get on their soapboxes and talk about mental illness. By not doing so, they could be losing 25% of the voters (1 in 4 have a mental illness).  They also  would be contributing to the stigma because it would be proving that it is a taboo subject. Most importantly, they would be proving that they don’t care about the mentally ill. It would say that we are low class citizens that should not have a say. Well, let me tell you, we do have a say!  We are LEGAL AMERICANS who will be voting.



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